Six Simple Ways You Can Manage Your Stress at Work

Ensuring that you build up a thick skin to stress is critical to survive and thrive in your challenging and modern workplace. Stress is always going to linger in the corners, but it’s the smaller efforts that add up to help you with coping during difficult times. When stress physically and mentally triggers you, you can disconnect from co-workers, and find it challenging to collaborate and perform to your best ability. Below are six small tips that are essential to building a coping mechanism that you can apply during those stressful times.

Get Your Sleep

Sleep is a critical nutrient that many people don’t get enough of. Sleep allows your brain and body to rest, and it recharges the batteries that can help prepare you for the following day’s events. Improper sleep results in headaches, mood swings, reduces stress resiliency, and poor decision making.

Schedule Recovery Moments

Just like your cell phone probably needs a quick charge in the middle of the day, so do you. By taking a short walk away from your desk, chatting with a co-worker, meditating, or listening to music, you’re giving yourself a mental break by switching into a recovery mode. Find those things that make you happy, and schedule them into your workday.

Make Clear Boundaries

Once you leave the office, it’s recommended that you disconnect and switch off. Checking your work emails while you’re off the clock can keep your stress levels high and even trick your nervous system into thinking you’re still working. Unless it’s an emergency, steer clear of business emails until you’re back in the office.

Remember Your Best Assets

During stressful times, you might find yourself thinking that you don’t have the skills and foundation required to conquer the challenges that you face; it’s not true. Do your best to ignore the ‘imposter syndrome’ and remind yourself that you were hired for a reason and that you are more than capable of tackling the tasks and challenges sitting before you.

Move Your Body

Research has proven that exercise helps to eliminate stress by building strength. Try for 2-3 sessions of light to moderate activity each week. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t do too much. Exercising excessively can stress out your body, and better results are achieved with restorative workouts such as cardio.

Keep Your Body Fueled

Instead of fueling your body with caffeinated drinks, opt on eating healthy foods that have the nutrients needed to keep your system balanced and your energy levels even. Regardless of how busy you are, ensure you don’t skip meals. Missing meals can cause mood swings, drops in blood sugar, and stress to your body and mind.

Now that you know the six simple steps to manage workplace stress, you can start to apply them one by one. Small changes in your daily routine add up to make significant changes. The great thing with these steps is it doesn’t take long for you to start noticing the positive effect they have on your mind, body, soul, and mood.

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Six Simple Ways You Can Manage Your Stress at Work

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