Sports Empire Nike Adds Technology to Their Shoes at a High Cost

Sports Empire, Nike, has been known for decades not only for its shoes, but its apparel as well. It’s taken three years, or 30 depending if you’re counting from Back to the Future Part II, to turn its concept to reality.

The shoe, now known as the Nike Adapt BB, is a self-lacing smart shoe that is controlled by an app on your smartphone. The smart shoe gets released to the public on Sunday; just in time for the anticipated NBA All-Star game hosted in Charlotte, NC. The shoe has a motor embedded inside of it, a whopping price tag of $350 USD, and those who purchase the shoe need to take time to leave them on a charging pad once every few weeks.

Nike claims that the shoe isn’t a gizmo or a gadget for the feet, or something tech-lovers or sneaker-heads are going to buy because of the coolness factor. The specially designed shoe was designed with some of the world’s most renowned basketball players in mind. Regardless of the motor inside, it stills weighs around the same as a conventional high-end Nike shoe.

Jordan Rice, a member of Nike’s smart systems team, stated that the component of the footwear’s design is intended and designed in the same fashion as some of Nike’s high-performing products. Rice also claimed that a higher ability means a higher-life.

There are currently a handful of NBA and Duke University prospect players who are already wearing the Nike Adapt BB and love them.

Rice said that it took three years to draw out the Adapt BB’s concept, put the shoe into production, and get it to the first game. However, many others are claiming that the idea goes all the way back 30 years. Back to the Future II again. The blockbuster hit showed Marty McFly slipping on a pair of high-top sneakers that lit up and laced themselves.

In 2019, life imitated art.

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Sports Empire Nike Adds Technology to Their Shoes at a High Cost

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