How to Stay Motivated When Growing a Startup

The amount of work that goes into starting a new business is phenomenal, and sadly, many people do not anticipate this. Whether you are doing it yourself or you have a team in place at some point, you may feel completely burned out. Many business gurus can tell you that finding motivation in such a position is one of the greatest achievements as a business owner. However, how do you motivate yourself and your team to go on even when success seems thousands of miles away? Here are a few things you could do to help you out.


Hold Meetings Regularly

If you have a team that is helping you with your startup, likely, they may soon start losing their motivation for working. This is often the case when you have one person handling a different aspect of the job; hence, it can get a bit lonely. This is why you should have regular meetings, which include some impromptu ones. These allow you to convene and get an update on where each one of you is at. This way, you come up with joint solutions on issues, and you can build that team spirit.

Celebrate the Little Achievements

It can take quite a bit of time before you can get a massive win for you to celebrate, so you have to make due until then. Celebrating the small successes doesn’t mean that you should have a party every time, but have a way of acknowledging that you would not have achieved it without hard work. This can be through affirmations, team mentions and sometimes maybe have a small party. This allows your team to feel connected and that what you want to achieve is possible if they don’t give up.

Find Power in Rejection

Whether it is pitching for funds or partnership, you should expect rejections since they are a part of the process. However, this should not bring you down since rejection means that you can do better, and that you are probably not there yet. So instead of giving up, find out what you can do to improve what you are offering. It can be about switching up the whole thing or maybe just working on your presentation. What you need to remember is that it only takes one “Yes” to give you a stepping stone to the next level of your business.

Give Regular Updates

As the founder of a company, you have the most significant duty of all to keep your team in the loop at all times. You do not have the space to hide vital information from them since their input could be just what you need. Your team needs to feel in control of the future of the company since it is growing; hence, they can be more innovative, and brave enough to try out new things. Sharing the developments of different aspects of your business can enable this, and in return, you shall have the loyalty and motivation of your team.

Develop a ‘Killer’ Culture

A great culture keeps people together, and this boosts morale. This is why you need to come up with one to keep the spirits of everyone on your team nice and high. It can be anything you want it as long as it bonds you, and it is something that you can stick with long term. For example, you can start a no negative vibe rule; hence, it becomes almost impossible to look at anything negatively.

Finding a way to motivate yourself and those you work with is a very personal thing for every business. The critical thing is to promote high spirits and togetherness as this enables you to fight for a better future. Other than that, it is probably a good idea to have good coffee in the office at all times. Sometimes all one needs is some good caffeine, and they are ready to conquer the world.


How to Stay Motivated When Growing a Startup

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