Surprising Benefits of Working the 9-To-5 Grind

It’s understandable that working nine-to-five gets a reputation. After all, who wants to stare at fluorescent computer screen lighting for eight hours a day? As soon as people realize that they are going to have to start sleeping at a decent hour and won’t be able to sleep in for five days out of the week, they want to run. However, there are parts to it that aren’t that bad. There are some benefits out there that might surprise you.

Office Buddies

It’s possible that it sounds cliché, but co-worker buddies can get you through the worst of days. Try seeing if it’s possible for you to sit near them. You can keep your production levels high, all while spending some extra time catching up with your workplace friend and talking about things that you both enjoy. Working nine-to-five can also help you meet new and interesting people.

Staying Current

Regardless of if you’re driving to work, car-pooling with work friends, or using public transportation, you are going to have some time to kill. When you spend eight hours a day looking at a computer screen, it’s very healthy to give your eyes a break and focus on something else. You can use the time during your commute to listen to your favorite podcast, read a book, read the newspaper, so you know what’s happening around the world, or even listen to some new music. Anything that pulls your eyes away from the reminder of the harsh lighting is going to help you.

Organizing Social Calendars

When you work shifts other than the standard nine-to-five, hanging out with your friends can prove to be an unmanageable task. It’s going to suck when you find yourself watching your friends make plans, and you can’t do anything with them because you need to work the next morning, or you need to complete a project. Unless your friends work the same hours as you, it’s going to be challenging.

It is possible to have fun with your friends who work strange shifts; you just need to ensure you are organizing your social calendar properly and arranging plans. You can choose any night of the week, and you are always going to find the spare time when you look hard enough.

Friday Drinks Taste Better

There is nothing better than hitting 5:00 PM on a Friday when you work a nine-to-five. That’s when you know it’s officially the weekend, and you can do what you want for two whole days. Once that clock strikes, if you feel like having an ice cold drink, it’s going to taste much better than the rest; you know you’ve worked for it.

Picking Up Skills

When you work in an agency or within a company, you are surrounded by people who have an array of jobs and different skill sets than what you have. When you work the nine-to-five, five-days-a-week journey, you are going to pick up some after time.

While it’s easy to sit at your desk and stay focused on the tasks you have, it’s always worth your while to occasionally take a look at what other co-workers are doing, and it’s even better if you ask them to show you. It doesn’t matter if it’s something as straightforward as plugging things into an Excel document. If it’s something that you didn’t know before, it’s something you can add to your resume and even impress your boss with.

Living with Routine

When you work nine-to-five, your internal clock isn’t messed up from working odd hours. You don’t need to worry about drinking energy drinks to make it through a night shift at work anymore, and you don’t need to worry about waking up at 8:00 AM after one hour of sleep. Your body is going to be on a schedule.

While it might feel like working nine-to-five can be grating, and you might even get tempted to take the later shifts at work, there are many more benefits to earlier full-time work. There are more benefits to working the first shift of the day than there are with letting yourself sleep until noon and work until 9:00 PM.


Surprising Benefits of Working the 9-To-5 Grind

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