Ten Big Signs That You Are a Workaholic

Workaholic Signs 1Loving your job is one thing. Being addicted to your work is another. It’s important to be a hard-worker and dedicated to your position, but that’s an entirely different thing to being someone whose life revolves around the office. Typically, while these types of employees work volumes more than others, they also end up contributing to low quality work. Working too much means employee burnout, which leads to a whole hoard of other issues. For a workaholic, it’s not about the quality of what you do, but the quantity, and this is a dangerous mindset. Being a workaholic can significantly damage not just your personal life, but your professional career. These are the signs to look out for.


You’re Always There

Workaholic Signs 2First one in the door, last one out sound familiar at all to you? Yeah, you’re probably a workaholic. The thing about these kinds of workers is that by spending all their time in the office, it reflects how little time they are spending with loved ones. You could probably put your money on the fact that a workaholic has a calendar filled with work-related events, like a boss’s birthday, and there are no social events outlined there. Workaholics are also people who consistently come into the office on the weekend.

You Dream of Work

Workaholic Signs 3Regularly find yourself dreaming of the office, or that project you’re working on? Not just dreams either, but often nightmares? In your dream space, it could be that you’re stuck in a loop where you are falling behind on deadlines, or someone else got that promotion before you. Either way, sounds stressful, huh? If you’re a workaholic, dreaming about your job is a given. Stress dreaming, too. Dreams like this demonstrate that work is never far from both your conscious and subconscious thought.

It’s Always on Your Mind

Workaholic Signs 4Ever heard the old saying, “to switch off?” If you consider yourself to be one of those people who always thinks about work, then you wouldn’t ever do that. Switching off is a crucial component to separating life from work, and someone who believes, and talks about work all the time would struggle with that concept. Think back to all the conversations outside of the office you’ve had recently. Are they all about a project you’re doing? How about when your significant other is discussing something with you? Do you find yourself tuning out and drifting back to work-related thoughts? Big signs you’re a workaholic!

Your Relationships are Failing

Workaholic Signs 5Speaking of your partner, when do you ever see them? Are the relationships around you suffering? Failing relationships because of lack of attention is a massive red flag that you’ve become a workaholic. If you’re in the stage where you’re always at work or thinking about work, then chances are you have limited space to think of others. Forget your anniversary, but remember the date of your colleague’s annual performance review? If this sounds like you, then another clear way to figure out if you’re a workaholic is to look at how your friendships and significant other is doing. Does it feel like you’re teetering close to a break-up? Is your family mad because they never see or hear from you? All questions worth considering.

It’s Impossible to Take a Holiday

Workaholic Signs 6There are always those who struggle with taking time off because of the importance of the work they do. However, there is a clear difference between having trouble taking time off, and never doing it. Ask yourself this – when was the last time you went on a holiday? When’s your next one? If the answer to both is, “I don’t know,” you may very well have an obvious workaholic problem. You’ll also find that you are the only one saying you can’t go on holiday. In fact, your bosses or colleagues encourage you to take one, but the person saying no to a break is you.

You Avoid Social Events

Workaholic Signs 7One of those people who makes up a ton of excuses when a social event rolls around? Rather than going, you choose to do extra work? If this is a constant occurrence, then you’re probably a workaholic. People addicted to work get uncomfortable with the idea of socializing with those outside of the office because it means you won’t be able to talk about work-related things. These types of characteristics only make a work addiction worse, because by limiting your circle of interactions to only colleagues, the tendency to talk about office topics is inevitable.

It’s Affecting Your Health

Workaholic Signs 8Workaholics usually don’t think about this or link health issues to the office, but consequences of working too much can be quite severe. Typical health indicators of being a workaholic are developing insomnia and anxiety but can also reach as far as heart disease. Another sign is if your weight is fluctuating; people who work too much and suffer from stress-related disorders often either lose a ton of weight or put a lot on. A final health-related symptom is over-consumption of substances, such as alcohol or drugs. These type of health factors are huge warning signs.

You’re Reactionary

Workaholic Signs 9There are two types of people who walk into the office every morning. The first is someone who approaches the day by building out a game plan and setting clear, realistic goals. The second is someone who lets other people regulate how their work day will turn out. If you fall into the second profile, then there’s a high chance you are a workaholic. Because a workaholic values quantity over quality of work, they tend to not be very proactive with their schedule.

It’s Easy to Be Judgmental

Workaholic Signs 10Have you started judging a colleague’s performance negatively? Frequently with workaholics exists a sense of superiority when looking at the work ethics of those around them. If you’ve become the type of person who looks down upon other workers in your company who aren’t always busy, this could be a big sign that you’re also a workaholic. Remember, the workaholic motto is how much work you do, so if you are one than by nature you view anyone who works less then you do as not as valuable.

You Never Get Promoted

Workaholic Signs 11Think back to your last performance review. What exactly did your manager say about your output and work quality? Rather than commending the value of your work, did they instead focus on praising how much you work? If the majority of the review was talking about the effort you’ve put in, but not about any specific impact, you probably need to consider the fact that you could very well be a workaholic. Things like getting promoted don’t frequently happen to workaholics, because they don’t move forward in the workplace, but rather struggle to stay afloat where they are. Sound like you? A good time to review your work ethic.

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Ten Big Signs That You Are a Workaholic

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