The Effects of Fossil Fuel Depletion

Can you imagine the world without using these fossil fuels? What are these? Is this important in our lives?

Fossil fuels are simply the remains of the prehistoric plants and animals that are compressed and buried down into the Earth many million years ago. These dead organisms undergo processes such as anaerobic decomposition and through time, forms into sedimentary rock like coal and liquid hydrocarbons like gas or oil.

Among the first fossil fuels that are known to man way back 1600’s, is the coal. It is very much useful in powering steam has driven locomotives and is used in producing steel, paper, concrete, and plastics. Thus, the most significant uses of this are in heat and electricity production. Moreover, coal is also a main component in making the soaps that we used every day or the aspirin that we can buy over the counter.

Fossil Fuel


Next is the natural gas. This is basically a gas that comes out from the ground. It has of numerous of application to our lives like being a source of energy for cooking, heating and also in electricity generation. It was also used worldwide as a main source of heat. Among the other forms of fossil fuels, natural gas is considered as one of the safest and cleanest sources of energy here on Earth.

Another form of fossil fuel is the oil. Oil has two types – the organic oil and mineral oils. The Native Americans have discovered this oil. Thus, since its discovery, people have widely used it in cooking, cosmetics, painting and even in religion. It is also used to generate power in trains, automobiles, and plains.

See? Fossil fuels have a wide range of applications and use to our lives. It is the main source of electric power and is responsible for the world’s total energy consumption. Thus, studies show that the demands of it double every 20 years since 1900. So, is there a possibility of having a fossil fuel depletion? What are the effects of fossil fuel depletion?

Fossil Fuel Depletion

Yes, fossil fuel depletion is possible. In fact, with the increment demand of fossil fuels all over the world, the supply of it in the market will continue to deplete. Thus, among the effects of it are as follows:

  • Oil price Hike

The price of oil and electricity will continue to rise  to the point that a lot of people who are earning only a minimum wage cannot anymore afford to pay their energy bills. Eventually, if this happens, not only will the oil and energy price will increase but the price of the food and even the energy-related commodities will increase as well .Thus, as a result, more and more people will suffer from economic recession and poverty.

  • Decrease in human population

If there’s no cheap oil then similarly, there’s no cheap food that will be available. Thus, because of this energy and oil depletion, a lot of people will not anymore afford to have clean water to drink as well as cheap and safe food to eat. They will not anymore be able to address their health care needs. Therefore, a lot of them may go ill and eventually die because of high cost of hospital treatment and aid.

  • Threat to Highly industrialized countries

Highly- industrialized countries depends primarily on their resources to boost their economy. A lot of businesses need these resources to continue to operate. Industries like manufacturers of steel, cars, gasoline stations, can be affected greatly by this phenomenon. Thus, if they cannot provide their services anymore, then people who also needed their help for their everyday living will suffer also.

  • Nonpayment of loan repayments

As the prices of the energy and oil continue to rise, then a great possibility of having a lot of nonpayment to loans on the bank will happen. Since they cannot anymore buy even their basic needs, they will continue to loan money and perhaps, because of a lot of interest in it, they cannot anymore pay it. Of course, more banks will suffer from bankruptcy that is really not good for the economy.

  • Many businessmen will opt to close their businesses

Since a lot of people reduce spending money on discretionary goods, a lot of workers working in restaurants and in businesses such are those who are offering new homes, cars and others will possibly lose their job because the owners of it may decide to close their business.

In general, if the government and the people don’t work hand in hand in thinking of the ways on how they can conserve such resources, then more and more problems will arise because of its depletion. Thus, it can create a global famine and recession if it is not solved. Lastly, finding alternative resources other than fossil fuels can be of great help in saving the humanity as a whole.

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The Effects of Fossil Fuel Depletion

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