Three Most Common Attitudes of Successful CEOs

The CEO of a company has one of the most prominent responsibilities within the entire organization. While he/she may not sit at the heart of operations or have a hands-on contribution to the company’s core offering, there is much to be said for the importance of leadership at the helm of any company.


You may think of it in the context of military battles. Though the commanding officer may have the capability to take part in battle, he/she only provides leadership to the lower ranked troops who then go on to the battling. Some may look at this and say that this person does nothing more than give directives, however it is these directives that make the difference between overwhelming success and heartbreaking failure.

This is the same way it works in a business as the CEO must ensure that the other members of the business are aware of the company’s objectives, and that the work they do ties into same. Without his/her guiding hand, it is quite likely that various persons and departments can find themselves in a situation where they are all pulling in multiple directions.

Successful CEOs have several traits in common that are necessary for effective performance of their roles. Check out the below outline of a few of the more common among said traits.

Learning from the Past

Everyone possesses this ability to some extent even if it is hard to see in some persons. However, successful CEOs have an uncanny ability to take this trait to the next level. Some decisions made in a business go horribly wrong. Conversely, others are met with tremendous success. The experience of a CEO usually means that he/she can identify the most important takeaways from every situation. What this results in is the ability to continuously improve on and repeat successes while managing to avoid repetition of failures. This is the true testament of learning in any context.


Every CEO knows that complacency in a business is a silent killer to progress, therefore, they are always on the hunt for ways to improve themselves, their employees, and their business on a whole. One of the most efficient ways to do this is to seek out information in the world from experts in various areas and from those who have simply had experiences that are relevant to business. Reading is one of the most efficient ways to do this and, therefore, many CEOs have time that is dedicated to doing just that. In fact, statistics show that the average CEO gets all the way through up to five books on a monthly basis. To put this into context, that is a maximum of 60 books per year, which is unimaginable for many persons.

A Balance of Realism and Optimism

This is one of the hardest optimal points for any person to reach in life. Pessimism is not necessarily one of the best qualities to have and this goes double for someone that is leading an organization.

There are not many benefits that a default negative outlook can have. In fact, a CEO must have a vision and believe in the progression of his/her business before it even starts to manifest, so he/she can work his/her way there. However, he/she also understands that optimism cannot be the driving force behind his/her thought pattern and so the need arises to maintain a sense of realism in tandem with a sense of optimism. The best CEOs can strike this balance.


Being a CEO is one of the most complex and one of the most important responsibilities in a business, however, it requires certain behaviors for it to be done right. The three qualities above are shared among some of the top CEOs in the game today.


Three Most Common Attitudes of Successful CEOs

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