Three Fundamental Tips for Being a Good Manager

Being a manager is one of the toughest responsibilities in a company. While jobs that involve management of other resources such as infrastructure and computer hardware have standard issues and come with standard expectations, management of people is another story.


Technology and infrastructure are not sentient resources. Their lack of consciousness means that the only opinion that matters is that of the person in charge of them. This is not the case with people as human beings are sentient and are more complex. This means that the management of them requires attention to various areas and mastery of many techniques. The difficulty associated with management has necessitated this article and, therefore, below you can find three tips to improve the efficiency of your management.

Be Switzerland

The idea of “being Switzerland” is used to imply a state of being impartial. This is one of the most fundamental aspects of managing people. In a corporate environment there are two lines of impartiality that good managers must constantly want. These are:

The employee vs employee line – This line deals with all matters that involve multiple employees. These matters can be grievances, evaluations, promotional decisions, etc. The point is that all employees must be treated fairly where all matters are concerned. Though some persons can be harder to work with than others, a manager cannot entertain the idea of favoritism.

The employee vs company line – Employee interests and company interests are not aligned in many cases. This is one of the main reasons that employees bring complaints forward. While the management team represents those whom they report to, they also need to act within the interest of those they oversee. This is a hard balance to strike but at no point should a manager allow one of these allegiances to outweigh the other.

Pay Attention to Subordinates

The primary purpose an employee serves during work hours is to ensure that their designated tasks are completed. Bad managers focus so much on this that they ignore the state of the human behind the employee in many cases.

There are times when an employee is going through a rough patch such as a divorce or bereavement. A show of care or a few kinds words is sometimes all it takes to give the encouragement needed to carry on throughout the day.

Do not be the kind of manager that only views employees as vessels of work. Take the time to know those who report to you and become invested in their well-being. The result is the ability to tell when something is off, which allows you to be in the perfect position to both help the employee and contribute to business continuity.

There is Nothing Wrong with Helping

Many managers are of the opinion that the work subordinates do is beneath them. It is understood that there is a prestige that comes with being a manager, but you should never forget the concept of servant leadership or leading by example.

Employees always have their eyes on the way their managers function, and they form an opinion of these managers based on that. Sometimes human resources are short due to illnesses or vacation. Are you the type of manager that watches as those who are left struggle? Are you the type that is willing to throw your hat in with your team? A good manager is the latter as he/she does not want his/her team to suffer.


While it is not considered enough to be understood by many, management of people is no easy task. This means that while some excel at it, others do not. Strive to be a good manager and one that employees can look up to by heeding the tips above.


Three Fundamental Tips for Being a Good Manager

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