Three Tips to Help Deal with a Difficult Personality in the Workplace

Depending on what the nature of your job is, being in a workplace means dealing with numerous people daily. All these people have different personalities and sometimes theirs and yours do not co-exist very well. When two personalities clash in the workplace, it can lead to an inability to work well together, decreased productivity, and even arguing.


It is unlikely that both you and the person immediately knew that getting along is a problem. Chances are during one or more exchanges; the working relationship slowly broke down. Assuming you were acting in a professional manner and maintained your ability to do that, chances are the person did something which you found upsetting or offensive. Sometimes, there is not much that can be done to mend your relationship with the persons unless you adjust your mindset and take steps to lower the intensity and hostility in the way you react. Below is a few tips on the best ways to deal with a tough personality in the workplace.

Accept that Viewpoints Differ

One of the qualities that is built into most humans is an inability to objectively view a situation. Even those that can do so somewhat well struggle immensely to do so as an autonomous reaction. In most cases, it takes the ability to stop, step back, and re-evaluate a situation.

Depending on the occurrence, it is possible that your viewpoint is not only subjectively, but also objectively correct. In the same way, the possibility exists that your viewpoint only seems clear and correct to you because your logic is flawed at an objective level.

What you need to do is accept that viewpoints and approaches to situations exist that are not yours. Even if you think that you are correct in a situation, try to see the logic in other viewpoints. More importantly, step out of your own thinking pattern and try seeing why someone thought of the opposing viewpoint in the first place. Surprisingly, an ability to do this means that differences are addressed more amicably and that the likelihood of your getting offended is lowered.

Work on Your Pride

Pride is another huge reason why personality clashes occur in the workplace with various levels of intensity. Sometimes because of a need to save face, humans hold on to flawed ideas and standpoints as conceding may not look appropriate in the face of other employees.

This one is a common occurrence at the management level. Sometimes managers and subordinates have a disagreement about a concept or an approach. As time passes, external factors may show that the subordinate was objectively the correct person in the situation.

However, due to pride and the thought that a manager knows best, some managers are mentally unable to get over the barrier that prevents them from acknowledging this. It’s not uncommon for a wedge to be driven between the management team and those they manage, and this is one way in which that happens.

If you find that you struggle to make certain necessary decisions due to your pride, you may need to focus on improving your humility. If you are unable to do so alone, try getting some professional help. An easier life is worth it.

Be Professional

Sometimes emotions get the better of employees in a heated situation and they simply forget where they are and that they are in a place of work. In a corporate setting, behaviors reserved for casual settings are not acceptable.

If you know how to behave and carry yourself, there is no reason to allow a person or a situation to allow you to stop doing so. If you cannot easily exercise control of this, try excusing yourself, taking a breath, and thinking before you respond.


Three Tips to Help Deal with a Difficult Personality in the Workplace

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