Three Tips to Improve Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is one of the most important factors to the success of a business. While management is responsible for policies and decision making, the satisfaction of customers largely depends on the output of the rest of the workforce.


The idea of employee productivity always being as high as is possible is not necessarily realistic, however, once employees are on board and are putting in the required effort consistently, the productivity levels are likely to be consistently satisfactory at worst.

While it is true that much of said effort is dependent on the mindset of the workforce, there are steps that a business can take in order to motivate the employees. Below is a list of three tips that your business can use to improve employee productivity.

Promoting a Work/Life Balance

One of the biggest problems that employees have in almost every industry is the lack of a proper work/life balance. Workers do understand that there is a job to be done and they must do what is necessary to achieve that outcome. However, when it results in a consistent feeling that their lives revolve around work, the impact on productivity can be negative.

Employees like to feel as if they are humans first and workers second. Once a business can evoke this feeling, employees are less likely to feel as if their lives are passing them by or that they are constantly at work. Here are a few suggestions to improve the work/life balance of the workforce:

1. If possible, try to stagger shifts so every employee doesn’t always have to be present at the same time. Alternate the employees who cover the various shifts so there is then a balance. This results in a more rested workforce.

2. If working remotely is feasible based on the nature of your business, try allowing employees to do so. It is advisable to regulate this with a policy that determines how many in office days are required either weekly or monthly.

3. Subsidize health and wellness options if your budget can accommodate it. Encourage your employees to practice proper nutrition and subsidize a gym membership if you can afford to do so. This shows a level of care for the individuals as opposed to just thinking of them as a workforce.

Invest in Training

What do you think about taking a trip on a bus if you are told that the driver does not hold a driver’s license? While the consequences may not seem as extreme as a vehicular accident in the business world, it is recommended that your staff members are trained and certified in their various areas of specialization.

Do you have a project manager on board? Try to assist that person in getting the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. Is your networking team certified to work with the switches they configure?

By investing in the growth of your staff complement, you are providing a sense of empowerment and care. This results in the boosting of staff morale, which leads to increased productivity.

Provide Necessary Tools

A major problem in many organizations is that employees are not provided with the tools they need to adequately complete the tasks at hand. This is usually attributed to the fact that businesses try to incur as little expense as possible. While this is understandable in the context of making a profit, when it results in situations such as your employees using Windows XP machines in 2019, you may want to consider an upgrade.

Sometimes it is not feasible to buy everything that is needed at once, however, an incremental effort needs to be made in these cases. Adequate tools result in adequate productivity.


Employee productivity is directly related to business performance. Therefore, it is important for businesses to ensure that they do all that is possible to improve the mindset and capabilities of the workforce. Above are three of the major steps you can take alongside others in order to achieve this productivity increase.


Three Tips to Improve Employee Productivity

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