Tips That Help Make You a Success During the First Three Months at Your New Job

Congratulations on getting that new job! You worked hard, suffered through the grueling interview process, and now you’ve officially started your position. You might have gotten hired, but there’s a good chance that you want to exceed expectations and impress your boss even further. You can use some of these suggested tips to help make the most of your three month probation period.

Execute Goals and Plans from Day One

During your interview, you most likely fluffed yourself up and made it a priority to sell yourself, and your goals to the ones interviewing you. It’s now time to put your money where your mouth is by demonstrating that they weren’t just words. At the beginning of your new job, take the time to properly think about what you promised during the interview, and how you’re going to execute it. You should also consider how many goals you had have changed, and what methods you can use to improve plans that heighten your workflow.

Become an Invaluable Asset

Three months doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but it’s more than enough for you to learn just how things work at your office. It’s also enough time to let your colleagues see just how valuable you can be to their team or department. During your first week, even if you’re in training, you should be displaying your initiative by showing up to meetings and conversations and asking to take part in extra duties that help you become a go-to employee on the team.

Resolve Team Frustrations

Regardless of where you work, there are going to be times where frustrations arise with your team members. Creative problem solving is a solution that has been proven to work in the office and get you noticed by colleagues. Experts advise that it’s a good idea to push your usual go-to solutions to the side to open your mind to more creative approaches. If you don’t have access to the method you know resolves issues, your brain instinctively works to find other means of resolution.

Don’t Close Yourself Off

Comfortability is something that everyone wants, and it happens at work, too. It’s effortless to grow comfortable with those who work beside you at the office, but that doesn’t mean you should isolate your other colleagues. Once you have spent the time getting to know your neighbors, you should branch out to other co-workers and get to know them. You can ask their advice or opinions on a particular project, and let the professional relationship develop from there.

Consider New Ways of Achieving

Everyone always develops specific methods that allow them to reach their goals. However, when you’re just starting out in a business, it’s a good idea to let your mind roam further. You can use your training time to adopt experimental attitudes that just allow you to figure things out instead of being focused on accomplishment. Experimenting could lead to innovative ideas that could cause you to become more successful at your new position than you thought.

Break Bad Habits

Everyone has a habit or two that causes distraction or just wastes time, and that’s no reason to feel ashamed. It’s a good idea to get rid of time-wasting habits when you start a new job so you can put the right amount of focus into your work. You can try creating a notebook where you pinpoint how you spend your work day. That helps you isolate your productive tasks and your least productive ones.

Create New Goals

Once you’ve settled into your new position, it’s a good idea to spend some time with your managers just to confirm that your initial goals are still a good fit for the business. Not only does that give you an excellent opportunity to get feedback, but it also shows that your initiative is healthy, and you care about what your manager’s think. During that meeting, you should receive notes on how they think you can spend your time making your goals a reality.

While there are many ways you can become successful at your new job, it’s sometimes useful to stick to the fundamentals that you know work. Starting a new position is scary, regardless of who you are and how much experience you have. Not only are the tips going to help you succeed, but they’re going to help alleviate some of the stress that comes with starting a new position. When you have a guideline, life just seems that much more comfortable.

What tips would you give to someone just starting a new position? Leave a comment below.

Tips That Help Make You a Success During the First Three Months at Your New Job

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