Tips for Improving Your Productivity at Work

The main reason someone is hired by a company is that he/she was able to successfully sell an interview panel on his/her ability to meaningfully contribute to a business’ processes. The extent to which one can deliver on this is a measure of productivity. Though your productivity may not be optimal initially, it is possible to take steps to positively impact it. Achieving maximum productivity not only ensures that you play your part in the meeting of both individual and overall Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), but it also allows you to stand out, which can lead to your receiving of commendations or a promotion. Check out the below tips on increasing your productivity.


Embrace Failure

This is something you have likely heard in your personal life repeatedly; however, you may not truly appreciate the wisdom behind it. The idea is not for you to aim to fail. Instead, you need to eliminate any fear of failure you may have. In the event of failure, such a mindset allows you to focus on the lessons to be learned as opposed to on the fact that failure has occurred. Just try to remember that an honest mistake is not a true problem unless you repeat it.

Seek Requisite Knowledge

One of the biggest problems with people who have a job is the ease with which they become complacent. Once they find that they have gotten the job and have the capability to perform it, there is no desire to improve. There is science and there are associated processes behind just about any job and it is likely that knowledge has been collected and documented on same.

In fact, most jobs in today’s world have certification paths from recognized entities that make the holders more credible. It is up to you to ensure that you are the best at your job that you can be, and this requires you to accept that learning never ends and neither does improvement.

Believe in the Hive Mentality

The hive mentality likens a team of workers to a hive of bees. In a hive, some bees produce honey, some produce queen jelly, some head out, and some simply protect the hive. No matter what responsibility a bee has it is unquestionably carried out. The fact that each bee does what is necessary allows the collective effort to be a successful one.

As humans with higher brain function than bees, a workforce should theoretically be able to do this even more efficiently. However, this requires everyone to think as if they are a part of a hive. Ensure that you understand why what you do is necessary to the company and try to visualize that importance daily by thinking of the eventual disasters that can occur if you do not contribute. This thought process allows you to feel assured of your relevance.

If you’re a janitor for example, you contribute to the maintenance of a healthy environment. Imagine what happens if bathrooms and other areas remain dirty and become contaminated. You can imagine the illnesses that would be synonymous with such conditions.

Eat Well

The importance of proper nutrition should never be underestimated. Nutrients that you receive from food such as carbohydrates and protein allow for proper bodily function and provide the energy needed for you to carry out your various tasks.

Should you not eat well, there can be adverse effects such as fatigue, increased susceptibility to illnesses, etc. These issues all lead to a decline in productivity should they ever occur, which is the reason you need to prevent them at all costs.

Treat your food as fuel and make it one of your highest priorities during both work and personal hours.


Tips for Improving Your Productivity at Work

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