The Top Eight Ways to Look Busier at Work Than You Actually Are

Regardless of if it’s 9AM on a Monday or 3PM on a Friday, there are times you just don’t feel motivated enough to finished your work. But, remember that fancy contract you signed when you got hired? That’s something you need to follow unless your goal is to get fired.

Don’t fret, not all hope is lost; there are many ways that you can make yourself look busy at work while doing the minimum. Obviously, this article is for light-hearted fun and should never be taken too seriously. There’s always the risk of getting into a lot of trouble by faking your work. Let’s get started.


Swiftly Move Between Tabs and Dramatically Sigh

There is nothing that says “don’t bother me, I’m too busy to look up,” more than clicking through the 30 browser tabs that you have open with an unhappy look on your face. It doesn’t even matter if the tables are blank, because no one is going to pay that much attention. Top it off by adding a few mutters and sighs under your breath, and you’re golden.

Make Fake Calls

What does aimlessly pacing around your workplace with a phone in your hand do? It makes you appear busier and more important than you may think. Leave your co-workers shocked with phrases like, “I’m not sure, I need to check my schedule,” and “have you asked Jane? You know how busy I’ve been.” The shocking part? There is no Jane.

Let People Know You’re Busy

If anyone starts talking to you and you know they’re going to ask you to do something, ask them to send you a simple calendar invite. Make sure to let them know you’re going to try and move some stuff around and get back to them. It’s essential that you never do this to your boss.

Write Everything Down

Most of the entire free world is living in one that’s driven by technology, so writing things down is important. If you have a pen, notepad, or even a post-it note in your arsenal, you’re already almost there. One trick is to start staring at the paper like you’re burning holes through it with your eyes. Start by thinking of a series of numbers to write; they don’t have to mean anything, but they give off the impression that you’re focused.

Use Your Headphones

If there’s one universal sign for “don’t bother me,” it’s putting on your headphones. Why are you going to do this at work? Because you’re just too busy to risk having conversations with everyone else. When others try to get your attention, you can simply remove one earbud, and let them know you’re jammed packed at the minute. As long as you don’t do it in a rude way, your colleague is going to understand and, unless it’s super important, is going to choose a different time when you aren’t so busy to talk to you.

Use Your Keyboard

When you type really loud at the workplace, most of your colleagues are going to automatically think you’re super busy. It doesn’t matter what you’re typing; they can be random words and even random letters if your screen is dim enough.

Keep Stationery with You

Carrying a binder full of paper while away from your desk is an ingenious way to give off the impression that you’re super busy. It’s always a great way to get away with non-work related conversation starts. The papers in the binder might look like business notes, but maybe they’re pictures of puppies.

Make Trips to the Printer

Yes, it’s true. Busy workers still print documents instead of e-mailing, and they still get hand signatures instead of using electronic signatures. Find some old documents and send them to the printer; just remember to pick them up right away.

All of the methods above aren’t meant to substitute your work. You were hired for a reason, and there’s no reason for you to avoid your work. This is just a fun guide to help you with some ideas in case you need them. It’s important not to turn your back on your work, and even more important not to do it while your boss is watching. If you need a break from your duties badly enough, discuss it with your boss and be honest.


The Top Eight Ways to Look Busier at Work Than You Actually Are

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