Top Five Ways to Realize You’re Working Too Much

If you’re like almost everyone else, you’ve been told that you need to work hard all throughout your life. You’ve been told it by teachers, parents, grandparents, godparents, and even those condescending teenagers you went to school with. When you were an angst-ridden teen, you were probably like everyone else; rolling your eyes to get your parents off your back. However, as time went on, you started to understand all the preparatory talks that came from the adults in your life.

Whether your current goal is to earn more money, become the head honcho, or merely help the business that you love because you want to help others; one fact lingers – making your life all about work has the potential to damage it. Here are common things workaholics find themselves doing.


Working While on Holidays

If you’ve ever booked a flight, cruise, or vacation of any type; you likely find yourself counting down the days until you can finish that last day of work before leaving. Workaholics, however, spend their time differently. You might feel yourself getting anxious over going on vacation, and even think about what’s happening at the office and in your e-mail while sitting on the beach with a fruity drink in hand.

Employers of any type are required by law to provide their staff with holiday leave. What’s the point in taking a vacation if you’re going to stick to your computer the whole time? Set aside time for yourself, too.

Always on Your Mind

Regardless of what you do, there is never an acceptable time to make work the only thing on your mind. If your first and last thought of the day is work; there might be an underlying issue. Asking yourself questions such as what else in your life fulfills you? Are you dedicating time to these fulfillments? These answers are telling.

If you work remotely and set your own hours, it’s essential that you give yourself a minimum of a few hours to unwind before you sleep.

Getting in The Way of Relationships

Overworking yourself can cause extreme damage in all types of relationships in your life; even your work ones. If you are tired, stressed, and feel like your patience and desire to do things with those you care about is dwindling; reconsidering your work approach is a good place to start fixing the issue.

While work is essential, it doesn’t need to be more important than your personal relationships. Your family and friends are going to be with you long after your career path finishes, so don’t take them for granted by putting a deadline before them.

You Only Talk About Work

There’s no better feeling than being passionate about something, and it’s only natural that you are going to share that passion with others by talking about it. However, if it’s dominating all your conversations and even leading others to believe you only talk about yourself, it’s time to consider if you’ve turned from being passionate to be a workaholic.

It’s Affecting Your Health

Pulling the occasional all-nighter, ignoring the gym, or ordering takeout to complete projects that you didn’t finish during the week is okay. It’s when you start making a habit of it that it becomes detrimental.

Without sleeping correctly, getting enough exercise, and eating well, your body is going to burn out. To work to the best of your ability, you need to fuel it because it can’t run on fumes forever. If you believe that you just don’t have the time, you need to talk to your boss about lowering your workload and question them whether quality is better than quantity.

Aside from these five ways, there are many other ways to determine if you’re a workaholic. One of the best things that you can do is listen to your body and talk to your friends and family first; the might see something that you don’t.


Top Five Ways to Realize You’re Working Too Much

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