Top Items to Improve Your Workspace

Comfort is one of the most important parts of your workspace. The average person spends eight hours in a workspace for at least five days a week. This translates to 40 hours of your life being spent in one place and potentially one position. This means that it is in your best interest for that workspace to be as comfortable as possible as spending that much time in an uncomfortable space is never a fun experience. Without stepping over any boundaries or breaking any rules, you need to ensure that your immediate work environment fits you as best as possible, which has numerous positive implications for the quality of work you do. Below are some of the best items to get to improve your workspace and the experience of being at work.


Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Eyes around the world are thanking their owners for getting these glasses and you should ensure that your eyes thank you too for the same reason. This is for those who spend hours in front of computer monitors or other screens. The blue light that emanates from said screens is harmful to your eyes and can cause damage to them over time. The concern for this is heightened for those who go home and stare at even more screens for long periods such as those of a television, a PC, or even a cell phone. The damaging effect is accelerated even more at night.

Do some research and get yourself a nice pair of blue light filtering glasses. The moment you start wearing them, the difference in the toll screens take on your eyes can be felt.

Exercise Ball

Not every company allows modifications to this extreme but there are some that do, and you should take advantage of it. There are benefits for your posture and the alignment of your back in general when you sit atop an exercise ball as opposed to on a traditional chair.

Before getting one it is important to check the size chart to ensure that the one you get matches your height or you may end up making yourself very uncomfortable instead of achieving what you were setting out to.

Standing Desk

It is unlikely that you can buy this one and bring in on your own, so this requires the input of the company you work for. Also, this is obviously only a good idea in spaces that can accommodate it. You can do your own research on this but sitting for long periods is not as beneficial as you may think even though it seems to be a more comfortable alternative than standing for a similar time period.

This is one of the reasons that the idea of standing desks has become such a trend and why so many companies have autonomously started allowing employees to use them upon request. Most manufacturers of these desks make them in such a way that the height is adjustable and can go low enough for you to pull up a chair and sit when you need a break. Note that these desks are not for persons who experience issues such as back pain when standing for long periods.

Ergonomic Peripherals

The idea of ergonomics is to ensure that employees are comfortable where they work, and these items embrace that principle. There are many different designs of ergonomic peripherals such as computer keyboards and mice that allow your hands to rest in a comfortable position while you work. This allows you to avoid illnesses such as the dreaded Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or any other condition caused from wear on your wrists or fingers.


Top Items to Improve Your Workspace

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