The Truth Behind Micromanaging: Four Common Reasons Your Boss is Watching You

No one likes a micromanaging manager. Especially one that’s always breathing down your neck, leaning over your desk, ensuring you’re meeting deadlines, and double and triple checking your work. Not only can it make your confidence plummet and make you feel like you’re an inch tall, it can also be annoying. There are bosses out there that do micromanage because they’re “control freaks,” but sometimes it’s necessary that you ask yourself a critical question: “is it me?”

Before you go and possibly throw accusations at your boss that hovers around your computer, insists on being CC’d on multiple emails and asks where you are in a project, there’s probably a reason they are doing it. That’s even truer if it’s only happening to you. Here are four common reasons that your boss seems to be watching your every move.

You Should Step It Up

One of the most apparent reasons for having a micromanaging boss is that your work isn’t up to par. Maybe you have something happening in your personal life that’s distracting you, or you’ve gotten too comfortable at work. Regardless, it’s imperative that you turn your focus back to your work and start doing more than the bare minimum. Ask your boss if there’s anything that you can help with, start early or stay late, and remind them of why they hired you in the first place. A one-on-one meeting could also help.

There’s More to The Story

There could be a lot happening behind the closed office doors that you don’t know about. Your boss could be closely monitoring your performance to see if you’d be a good fit for a promotion. It’s also possible that a merger with another company could require full assessments of current staff members. There are plenty of reasons, all of which could have nothing to do with you.

Your Micromanaging Boss is Getting Terminated

As we mentioned, there could be more to the story. Your boss could have gotten wind that there are going to be some layoffs, or maybe they are feeling extreme pressure from the higher-ups at the company. Regardless of if your manager enjoys micromanaging, they might feel the need to do so to provide detailed reports to higher management. They likely don’t want to lose their job.

You’re the One Getting Fired

Yikes. That’s not an easy thing to say, read, or hear. Most everyone has been terminated from a job at some point in their life, and it sucks. While it’s not encouraging to see this as a possibility, it is a valid one; especially if the micromanaging is focused only on you. When a manager is preparing to terminate a worker, they usually build up a case, much as a lawyer would. They begin paying close attention to assigned projects, tasks, contacts, and overall work ethic. This information typically gets used to train a new employee. What better way to teach someone new than to have everything that the previous person was already working on?

If you have any concerns about the way your boss is micromanaging, it’s vital that you schedule an appropriate time to meet with them, and ensure you do it professionally. It provides you both with an outlet to alleviate and diffuse concerns. Not only could it save your job if you are at risk of losing it, but it could also clear your mind if you’re just feeling uncertain.

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The Truth Behind Micromanaging: Four Common Reasons Your Boss is Watching You

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