Unmistakable Warning Signs That Say You Have a Terrible Boss

If talking to your boss on a daily basis has gotten to be such a hassle that you almost want to quit, you’re not alone. Reports done by juggernaut job search sites such as Monster have previously revealed that over 30 percent of employees have horrible bosses. So, should your manager audition for the next “Horrible Bosses” film? Check out these warning signs, so you know when to steer clear.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

As an employee, you should be able to trust your boss to provide you with the truth. It’s quite simple; a boss who lies is untrustworthy, and an unstable foundation for a professional relationship.

The Know-It-All

Admitting to making mistakes is a crucial aspect of being a boss. It sends the message that it’s okay to be wrong, and it’s okay to take risks; how else are you going to learn? If you have a boss that never admits they’ve made a mistake, it means they care more about their image than your job performance.

The Overpromising Boss

You can’t trust a boss who is consistently promising you promotions, wage increases, increased responsibilities, and more. If your boss can’t be honest with you about something as important as the direction of your career, they could be a rotten egg.

Quick to Blame

Good bosses know that it is unprofessional to berate employees in front of other staff members. Under no circumstance should you tolerate your boss putting you down in front of your colleagues for a mistake that got made in the past or present. That type of conversation should always happen behind closed doors.

They Want a Mini-Me

The majority of the time, having someone similar to you is a good thing because it creates common ground, and makes room for easy conversation. However, a great boss knows that having different personalities on a team could improve productivity tenfold. If your boss is always trying to make you like them, it could mean that they value their opinion and views over those of their staff members. Consider sticking to your true colors, following a few of their suggestions, and thanking them for the rest.

The Micromanager

One of the most common complaints from employees who deal with terrible bosses is micromanaging. It can become an extreme problem to have someone regularly breathing down your neck and expecting a thorough report of every meeting, phone call, and whisper that happens in the office. Try checking in with your boss before they check with you, and putting in the effort to build a bridge of trust.

The Boundary Breaker

Having a demanding boss can be a strain on your professional and your personal life if you let it get out of control. If your boss isn’t respecting your boundaries, and calling you to fulfill work-related requests when you’ve made it clear that you’re taking a long weekend off, your boss could be power hungry. To deal with this, you should consider laying clear boundaries with your boss, and always provide ample warning before you leave.

The Gossiper

Workplace politics and gossip is something that is hard to avoid, but it shouldn’t come from your boss. If you find that your manager spreads rumors or even gossips about your co-workers, you should report the unprofessional actions to human resources instead of allowing yourself to get involved in a situation that could alienate you from other staff members.

There are always going to be challenging bosses regardless of the industry that you work in. However, as an employee, there are specific rights that you have and only so much that you need to put up with. If the actions of your boss are preventing you from being able to do your work or making you feel uncomfortable, divisions such as your department’s human resources or employee advocates can help you go forward.

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Unmistakable Warning Signs That Say You Have a Terrible Boss

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