Useful Holiday Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

The holiday season is here, and there’s just under a month left until the big day. Although many consumers are already well underway with their shopping, you still have plenty of time to get your business involved. You can follow along with a handful of marketing suggestions that ensure your company stays at the forefront of your customer’s mind during the holiday season.


Create Curbside Appeal

Many of businesses are doing what they can to take advantage of the holiday rush. By doing something different, your business becomes more noticeable. Step out of your office and take a look on the street and in the malls to see what’s driving customers to specific stores. Be creative, and think of ways that you can draw attention to your establishment. Setting up a display in your shop window or the front of your property is a way to do that.

Bump Up Emails

Your client database can be one of your most significant tools if you know how to utilize it properly. Create specific campaigns that tailor to your current clientele by paying attention to what they want. For further marketing tactics that you can use in the new year, monitor how well your email marketing does. You can even consider surveying your customers.

Social Campaigns and Marketing

Whatever social media platforms you use for your business should be active all year long, but especially during the holiday season. Many of your customers are looking online to find the perfect gift for their loved ones, and if you aren’t there, you can’t guide them. Create holiday specific campaigns that include rewards for your customers who share it across their social media outlets. That entices your current customers to return while keeping the door open for new ones.

Creative Packaging

Statistics show that customers who see beautiful and well put together packaging are more likely to buy it than if it’s just in neutral packaging. There is a high percentage of Americans who are window shoppers, and when you entice them with creative gift wrapping and packages, they see it as a good deal.

Offer Free Shipping

Despite the increase in shipping fees, millions of Americans choose to do their holiday shopping online. It beats them having to stand in line or fight over the last toy. Offering your customer’s free shipping all of the time would be unaffordable, but choosing to give them free shipping over a certain amount, or even on a specific day could do wonders. Your customers are going to feel like they are saving money, and they are going to be encouraged to buy more products from you.

Gift Card Specials

Gift cards are still one of the highest sold products in the country, and they’re an easy gift for your customers. If you provide your consumers incentive to buy gift cards, you sell more and get to show your customers that you’re thankful they’re shopping with you for the holidays. Consider giving them an extra $20 for every $100 gift card they buy.

Extend Your Hours

It’s a known fact that a calm customer is a happy customer. Show them appreciation by understanding that the holiday season is hectic for everyone. Extend your business hours, so your store stays open later, allowing your clients to do their shopping after work and on weekends. If they feel like they can avoid the chaos, your shop could be their first stop.

Provide Entertainment

Not every business is going to have space, but if you do, consider offering your customers entertainment. You could give ornament making, cooking decoration, photos with Santa, and even gift wrapping. All of these suggestions are ways that you can keep kids and parents entertained, which leaves them more time to focus on the products you have for sale.

New Year’s Promotions

New Year’s and Boxing Day marketing could be extremely beneficial for your business, and your customers. Encourage them to return to your store next year with their receipts that allow them a certain percentage off new merchandise. You can also entice them back by letting them use their receipts to get first access to your Boxing Day sales, or a chance to cut the line.

There are many things that you can do as a business owner to bump up your holiday marketing. It’s important to remember that the holiday spirit is contagious. If you’re filling your business with bright ornaments, Christmas decorations, cheerful music, and enticing packaging, you’re creating a warm environment for your customers. The holiday season isn’t just about gift giving, but it’s also about the spirit and the way your customers feel. Give them a place they won’t want to leave.

What do you think about shopping during the holiday season? Are you more likely to go to a store that accommodates the seasonal shoppers and extends their hours?


Useful Holiday Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

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