Useful Social Media Marketing Tips That Help Your Business

Promoting your business on social media is one of the smartest moves that any business owner can make. If you aren’t out there engaging in the conversation, you have virtually no control over what your current, and potential consumers are saying. If you haven’t made social media a part of your marketing strategy, stop right now and read over the tips provided. Right now, people are online, and talking about your company.


Create Your Plan

Creating a marketing plan for your social media will set you up for success, and give you what you need to dodge any potential mistakes. Just like most other aspects of not just business, but life, having a plan before you execute your ideas paves the way for smooth sailing.

Don’t Be a Stranger

The point of social media is exactly that; social. Instead of waiting for your followers, and clients, to reach out to you, try engaging them whenever your product or business is mentioned. Results of consumer panels are reporting that over 70% of customers who receive social media interaction, and feedback, from the business are recommending them to family, friends, and returning to the business themselves.

Beef Up Your Traffic

From small businesses, large businesses, blogs, governments, etc. Everything has a website. One thing that sets some websites apart from others is the amount of traffic that they’re getting. Using social media to direct your following to your website by using every day, and strategic methods, is one of the strongest tactics used to increase the flow of customers to your site.

Get LinkedIn

As far as social media goes, LinkedIn is the crème-de-la-crème for businesses, big or small. Statistics are reporting that at least one in three professionals operate a LinkedIn account, and check the platform every day. LinkedIn doesn’t just give marketing for your business, but it also gives you a more credible reputation, a larger network of professionals, and even bigger and brighter sales opportunities.


Tracking retweets, likes, regrams, etc. isn’t enough to give you all of the data that you need to calculate how your marketing is going. URL shorteners give you a trackable URL so you can look at the statistics of a particular social media post, and determine what’s pushing traffic towards it. Just like URL shorteners will let you see the traffic to a specific post, company and SEO optimized hashtags allow you to categorize the content on your social media.

Schedule Tweets

Just like you, Twitter has a quiet time. Determining the vast majority of your base following can help you with scheduling tweets that will post at prime traffic time. If your business is in the United States but you have a large European demographic, platforms that schedule tweets such as Echofon or Hootsuite are ideal. These tools not only take the stress out of managing your Twitter, but they also work with you to target audiences outside of your time zone.

Working your way through these tips and tricks may have seemed daunting, but you’re walking away as an expert in Social Media Marketing. Do you feel like there’s something that was missed? What are the online marketing tactics that work the best for you? Share your ideas; the more the better.


Useful Social Media Marketing Tips That Help Your Business

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