Ways to Improve Your Work Relationship

Whether you function well in crowds or you are more of a loner, the “no man is an island” principle applies to everyone. You may shy away from admitting this, however, it is hard to prove that you are not dependent on anyone. Even if you are one of the few people that have no one they describe as a friend, it is unlikely that you do not use services.


Another place where playing well with others is required is in the workplace. A company functions like an automated assembly line. If a single piece of the line is not functioning well, the quality of the product is likely to be sub-par. As a piece of the puzzle, it is important that you are well integrated into the team. This is best achieved with a good working relationship between you and your fellow co-workers. Sometimes, however, some level of a personal relationship can go a long way in achieving a better working one. Below is an outline of a few ways in which you can achieve a better working relationship with your co-workers.

Go to Lunch Together

One of the best ways for co-workers to develop a better relationship is to interact over lunch. The lunch period is one that employees typically look forward to and so when it arrives, they are usually in a somewhat excited and relaxed frame of mind. Additionally, this is the only period during the workday where an employee can unwind for a moment while enjoying some food.

This level of relaxation provides the perfect situation for a good conversation and so it is one of the best times to interact with a colleague. You may find that you have more in common than you thought, or you may understand someone a bit better that you had previously written off. Try going to lunch with a couple of your colleagues occasionally, and having and having an honest, open discussion.

Offer Help

While many people are on the receiving end of good deeds and favors at random times, they usually most fondly remember those that occur in their times of need. You may not be the type to go out of your way to intervene in a situation that doesn’t concern you, however, you may just be the light of a person’s day by deciding to something.

In fact, you don’t always need to know the intricacies of a person’s job function to lend some assistance. Sometimes you can do a simple act or just listen to what someone is going through to make a world of difference. These acts are usually remembered well and met with appreciation.

Be a Great Example

Sometimes the best way to earn the respect and admiration of others is to be a great example in the way you execute your work. While you may not think it a big deal, people do take notice when those around them display exemplary qualities in the course of their work.

This respect and admiration leads to the potential for better interactions and, therefore, results in a better relationship.

Avoid Gossip

Gossip in the workplace is inevitable as the mix of diverse personalities means that there is bound to be at least one person that likes the idle talk. One of the defining features of gossip is the level of interest it can garner. It is quite easy to get drawn into the discussion, but it takes a certain level of maturity to look the other way. Those who take part tend to see each other as disingenuous, however, they do take notice of and respect those who do not partake.


Ways to Improve Your Work Relationship

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