What to Pack on a Business Trip

Packing thing on a business trip can be a quick affair. You have to act swiftly and see that you don’t miss any important traveling items while packing your things. For a particular business trip, you need to bring a pair suits, but that would still depend on your trips duration. You can mix match your shirt and ties effectively in order to produce a range of looks and styles.

When going on a business trip, you need to know how to mix-match your clothes effectively. A perfect suit can possibly go well with various styles and colors of the shirt. You need to ensure that you have wide ranging shirts from the classic crisps to the pastel colors. In order to add some changes, you can try mix-matching the ties that you have with each of your shirts. You can also try mix and match your cufflinks in order to create new and fresh looks.

Aside from suits, you can also take some of your casual clothes with you, as these can provide a very charming look. Also, try to keep some of the pair of jeans and collared shirts for you to wear them together with a loose tie for an evening meeting. When you pack up for a business trip, always keep in mind to check again and again the entire things that you have packed. In order to make the packing much easier, you can try listing down the entire things that you need to bring with you, and then start packing.

Business Trip


You need to understand that when going on a business trip, it would only take a misplaced power chord to destroy your whole trip. Try to cut down those unneeded stress by making this as your checklist for a successful business trip:

  • Business Cards – Try to pack as plenty as you can and keep some of them within your reach at all times, as you may never know whom you might strike up a conversation or run into, and having a business card within your reach is the key in order to make the most of impromptu networking opportunities a business trip offers.
  • Case of Cords – There are some things that are more frustrating when realized on your way to the airport that you forgot to bring your charger. By having a cord case that will keep your entire cables, cord, chargers, and adapters safely together will make it very beneficial for you. It’s also not a bad idea to take the extras usable in case you connect with your colleagues who will borrow one.
  • Mobile Power Strip – With the entire necessary mobile gadgets in order to have a productive business travel these days, it may be hard to look for enough outlets in order to charge them all. Save yourself from the frustration by having a mobile power strip that can accommodate your entire devices for an easy charging.
  • Mobile Broadband – Eliminate the frustration in spotty hotel internet or being stuck without an internet access at all by having your own mobile broadband device.
  • Travel-friendly Threads – When you packing your business attire, avoid getting fabrics that can be wrinkled easily and instead, choose the wrinkle-free clothes or the lightweight wools. You need to understand that the amount of time you’ll spend in the outside leisure activities and meetings, that’s why you need to pack accordingly.
  • Travel-Size Toiletries – Save energy and time by packing the personal items that you need during the business trip that includes moisturizer, soap, mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrush, and any hair or shaving products. Also, remember to take gels and liquids in your carry-on luggage and they must be placed in the containers that can hold 3.4 ounces or less – all of which must fit in your one quart-sized transparent/clear bag.
  • Carry-on Lightweight Luggage – Your carry-on rolling bag must be sufficient for the light business travel. The maximum allowable size for domestic travel on most US airlines is 22 inches long x 14 inches wide x 9 inches tall.
  • Travel Document Organizer – always keep you travel documents organized and safe by placing them all together in your travel document organizer. The travel documents include the medical cards, travel insurance policy, passport, itineraries, confirmations, tickets, and a list of most current health prescriptions.

Travel Documents

  • Relaxation Aids – The chaos of travel can at time create great discomfort, so try bringing items that can help you comfort yourself. Bring your favorite book, or iPod to listen to you most favorite music.
  • Tech Accessories – while traveling, you need to be available at all times. Because of this, investing in a Bluetooth headset in order to stay connected whether you are walking through the airport or driving around can be really helpful. Also try to buy the noise canceling headphones in order to help you tune out any undesired noise that you might experience during your business trip.

What to Pack on a Business Trip

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