Work-Related Stress: How to Talk to Your Boss

Stress has a significant impact on your life and can even cause long-lasting health issues if it doesn’t get adequately managed, and work is one of the things that can be stressful. There are plenty of times where you aren’t going to be able to control your work-related stresses and how they impact you, but how you go about handling it can make a huge difference in what you feel. One of the best ways to deal with your workplace stress is to talk to your boss, and you can use these tips to help you through it.

Understand Yourself

Being self-aware is one of the critical components to identifying stress in your life. The more in-tune with your emotions you are, the easier it’s going to be to notice clues and warning signs that show you’re heading towards a dangerous zone. If you see that you’re reacting strongly to emails or phone calls when you’re generally calm, or you’ve stopped sleeping, it could be a sign of work-related stress. Ask yourself if you’re tired, and assess whether or not you’re taking proper care of yourself. Consider taking a much-needed break before approaching your boss.

Embrace It

Once you’ve determined that there is a lot of work stress that is dragging you down, you need to realize that it happens to everyone and there’s no shame in feeling overwhelmed. Starting off by identifying and naming the feeling helps to lighten it, but it’s essential that you vocalize it to those around you so they can help. Ensure that you think about how you want to communicate it to them, so you come across as brilliant and professional.

Be Brave

While the idea of approaching your boss might scare you, they are likely going to appreciate you coming to them, because it could prevent mistakes getting made in the workplace. Hiding it could also cause you to burn out faster, which could ultimately lead to you leaving your position.

When you meet with your boss, give them a sense of what is happening, and think of some ideas that you feel would help. While you’re asking for help or an extended break, ensure that they know you want to deliver the best work you can, and stress is keeping you from being able to do that. Communicating with your management team is the best way to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed, and that your stresses don’t impact the team.

Starting a short conversation with your boss really can make a huge difference. Your workload can get changed, and so can your perspective when looking at different projects. Sometimes, all it takes is being open to communication to see things from another point of view that enables you to move forward, stress-free.

Work-Related Stress: How to Talk to Your Boss

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