Working in Retail: The Surprising Jobs That Could Pay Six Figures

Even with eCommerce stores and online shopping on the rise, retail stores still make up a vast majority of businesses, and they are still where many employees get their first taste of working. What might surprise you is that working as a sales associate or a manager isn’t the only two jobs that you can do in retail, in fact, there are many others that pay a lot more. Here are some of the best paying jobs you didn’t know were a part of the retail experience.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is someone who breaks down, analyzes and translates complex structured and unstructured data. The data gets organized by using a series of math, programming, and statistics skills so the scientist can help the business with decision making.

Approximate Salary: $111,260

Social Media Managers

In the age of information, social media is critical and a handy marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. The social media manager is responsible for monitoring, managing, posting relevant content, and building the social media reputation and presence of the brand or store in question.

Approximate Salary: $100,000

Multimedia Design Artist

Individuals who are naturally creative could look at design and feel at home. The multimedia artist of a business is typically responsible for creating all special effects on a computer. Usually, they create both two and three-dimensional works that get applied to the industry they work for.

Approximate Salary: $64,300

Online Sales Manager

The internet or online sales manager position is one that takes on a lot of responsibilities. The individual with the title is usually responsible for managing a sales team that works diligently to spot new communities and opportunities in new markets, perform product marketing, education with online marketing tactics, and follow up with customer inquiries and concerns.

Approximate Salary: $113,000

Wholesale Sales Representative

Retail sales workers sell goods directly to consumers, but wholesales representatives sell mostly to businesses, government offices, and many other organizations. They are responsible for reaching out to the potential customer, arranging promotional programs, providing answers to any questions, advertising, and negotiating prices.

Approximate Salary: $60,000

Market Research Analyst

These analysts work in the same way that others do. They study and analyze market conditions to determine potential sales of a business’s products or services. Using questionnaires, customer panels, design surveys, and more, they conduct research and apply the results to the service or product getting sold.

Approximate Salary: $62,000


Almost every industry has a type of logistician that works for them, and retail is no different. Retail logisticians coordinate and analyze information from the supply chain. They look at product life, how it gets acquired, sent out, allocated and even delivered.

Approximate Salary: $74,000

The next time that you visit a retail store or think about changing careers, consider all of the options that retail have available for potential employees. The majority of the time, the small store that you see in your local store is just a branch, and hidden away at their headquarters could be the job of your dreams.

Working in Retail: The Surprising Jobs That Could Pay Six Figures

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